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Folks, this is brutal, and the Tundra Tabloids hesitated at first before deciding to post this video forwarded by Frank Kitman. Viewer discretion is advised, it’s brutal, evil brutal. According to the Youtube bio of the film, it’s of a Muslim mob terrorizing Christians that have been forced to sit on the ground as they are systematically brutalized, kicked, beaten and then set on fire. This is not for the faint hearted. The inhumanity of it all is indescribable. KGS

NOTE: And the Muslim world whine and cries about a few of their books being burnt.

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  1. The video has been taken down. YouTube like the MSM and our ruling class are scared shitless.

    Why they are so scared of a group of people who can be defeated by a tiny Isreal, beats me.

    If our leaders had the guts, they would tell the Islamic world, they could do as they please, but go too far, and we can if we want, remove you from this planet without breaking sweat.

  2. This is NOT a video of Muslims burning Christians. It shows some unfortunate individuals in the Kisii district of Kenya who were attacked for supposedly practicing witchcraft. It was truly a sad and disturbing event.

    Misrepresenting these images to spread hate and intolerance toward Muslim people is evil — the SAME kind of evil that appears in this video. Decent people must stand up against such lies and propaganda!

  3. @CDT

    Lies and propoganda? The video is still accessible on TruthTube at this link…

    If you listen closely to the beginning of the video, a man shouts "allahu ahkbar". I could only stomach watching about 30 seconds into it. Watching the man sitting in the fire, barely able to move, was about all I could handle.

    Lies and propaganda are indeed easy to find, the truth however, is often suppressed.

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