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Jihadi: I’m sure glad the AFP 
isn’t boycotting burning korans!

Oh you bet, if it were a small sect of pseudo Christians burning scrolls of the Torah, AP would be all over it, as they should, but since Jews don’t riot in the streets and make fatwas and Muslims do, the al-AP is running scared. KGS

THE UPSHOT: In recent days, the national media has exhaustively covered a fringe Florida pastor’s decision to burn Qurans on Sept. 11. The frenzy has raised questions about news organizations’ responsibilities to cover the news while possibly giving unwarranted publicity to an anti-Islamic stunt.
Some network spokespeople told The Upshot earlier that it’s too early to decide on which images would not be broadcast, given that the actual event is two days away. But the Associated Press has now decided to “not distribute images or audio that specifically show Qurans being burned, and will not provide detailed text descriptions of the burning.” (The memo was first posted on the media industry news site Romenesko).
Tom Kent, the AP’s deputy managing editor for standards and production, told staffers Thursday that although the AP will cover the event organized by Pastor Terry Jones in Gainesville, Fla., it’s important to place “the actions of this group of about 50 people in a clear and balanced context.”

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  1. Generally I'm against burning books but there are a couple of points that negate that general principle

    1. Not burning the koran will be seen as indication that Western nations have caved, are cowards and will not defend even their own religion and culture, but will bow down to the koran.

    2. Most Muslims will see that even though we may be occupying a couple of Muslim countries, on the political front, we have surrendered, and admitted that Islam is more 'powerful' an ideology then anything we have in the West.

    From this they will naturally assume, and they are right, that politically and ideologically, they have conquered the West. The physical conquest is then only a matter of time.

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