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Lars Ohly: I get involved in every
aspect of your private lives

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, this kind of tomfoolery is only inevitable in a statist driven society, of course Swedish politicians will weigh in on very private matters such as breast pumps and a host of other private matters as well. Yes, it shouldn’t be any of their damn business what a woman does with her breast milk, but that’s the heart of statism, intrusion and dictates. Any government that forcibly intrudes upon the private affairs of the people, is a rogue government. But in the la la land of social democracies, politicians can think such thoughts, utter them, and then are surprised why their comments wouldn’t be openly embraced. 
Reject statism people, demand a major scaling back of government and its encroachment of our rights. End the welfare state and it’s fake crony capitalism, (cozy relationship with government) and return to free market capitalism that embodies all the risks and rewards that made the free West great. KGS
The Local: The Left Party stands for a policy of dividing parental leave equally between parents – meaning around seven months of paid leave each. Currently couples have 60 allocated days each with the remaining 270 days divided freely.
The party has not managed to impose the requirement on its Red-Green coalition partners, the Social Democrats and Green Party – despite their respective party members also being in favour – as it was deemed to lack support among parents and the wider electorate.
But despite the fact that the centre-left trio’s joint election manifesto does not include the demand, Ohly took the opportunity of Sunday evening’s party leader cross-examination on Sveriges Television (SVT) to push the case for the introduction of legally stipulated quotas.
Ohly recommended the use of a breast milk pump to address any problems of the mother not having finished breastfeeding the child prior to handing over the parental ropes to her partner.

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  1. Oh, Lars Ohly is not a Social Democrat. The Social Democrats atleast claim to be Democratic. Lars Ohly has in the past several times stated that limitations to the democratic freedoms and rights would be in the interest of the working class and also that Democracy should never be allowed to be more important than Class Struggle.

    A few years back, he made a deal with the "reformers" in his party. The deal was that he would no longer call himself a Communist (in public). He's even referred back to this several time in TV interviews when asked if he's still a Communist. The party has taken a Left turn with him at the helm though, not a right turn.

    More recent stupidities from his party:

    The link about goes to a press release on the Left party's own website. For those who can't read Swedish and don't want to rely on sometimes unreliable google translate, the gist of it is this:

    The Left party want to change the law to remove the obligation of people with HIV to inform people they have sex with that they carry the virus. They feel that the responsibility of preventing the spread of the virus shouldn't rest with those carrying the virus.

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