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Thilo Sarrazin and the Islamization of Europe

Thilo Sarrazin has vaulted into the headlines in Germany and the rest of Europe over the last few weeks. He was already controversial due to his publicly expressed views on Muslim immigration, but his recently-published book has brought down the wrath of the German establishment upon his head. The SPD (Social Democrat Party) has voted to expel him, and yesterday he wasfired from the board of the Bundesbank.

Thilo Sarrazin

The video below is a subtitled version of a German television documentary on Mr. Sarrazin. Polite German society has closed ranks against him. This program is an obvious hit piece, giving prominent progressives an opportunity to condemn his “racism” and “xenophobia” as they compare him to the Nazis. Even so, the “Islamophobe” is allowed to make his case in his own words:
A complete transcript of the video may be found at the bottom of this post.
Despite the vitriol aimed at Mr. Sarrazin, his message seems to resonate strongly with ordinary Germans. As the Wall Street Journal reports:
The German government’s effort to oust a senior Bundesbank official for publishing controversial racial theories isn’t going at all well.
A day after the German central bank asked President Christian Wulff to dismiss the official for racially charged remarks, it was becoming evident that a sizable slice of the electorate share Sarrazin’s concerns over immigration and ethnic integration and were protesting preparations to expel the 65-year-old from the central bank. Informal TV polls suggest that nine in 10 call-ins say Sarrazin might have a point or two.
Thilo Sarrazin hasn’t been silenced by all the shunning and condemnation. He recently wrote an article for the German newspaper BILD summarizing his conclusions about the effect on Germany of prolonged Muslim immigration. Our Flemish correspondent VH — working with a Dutch translation that was posted at the ICLA website — collaborated with JLH to produce the following English-language version of Thilo Sarrazin’s piece:
If I want to hear the muezzin, I also can book a vacation to the Orient
by Thilo Sarrazin
Uncontrolled immigration may at any time threaten the state structures and undermine the stability of a society. The Chinese empire therefore had its Great Wall, the Romans had their Limes. At no time were the securing of the territory and the regulation of immigration something trivial. The complications arising from these issues threatened states and societies to their core and penetrated them deeply. And each time they were accompanied by orgies of bloodletting and violence.
In the German media this is frequently concealed. Immigration issues are often treated with a raised admonitory finger, and an attitude that probably can be the best characterized with the slogan: “Peep, peep, peep! We all just love each other.” This approach is as unhistorical as it is silly. Even more regrettable is that the German political elite lets its position on immigration be determined largely by the voices from the media. It thus runs the risk of alienating itself both from the people and the core of the problem.

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