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Remember folks, those who support the hijab, are in part, supporting the atrocities carried out by the Iranian regime in enforcing Islamic law, sharia. Letting the headscarf become a fixed symbol of Islamic identity dooms the rest of civilization, for wherever sharia based principles gets a toe hold into any society, doom always follows. KGS

Sakineh Mohammad: 
Sharia has doomed me

Daily Mail: An Iranian widow sentenced to death by stoning for adultery has been lashed 99 times for ”spreading corruption and indecency” after a newspaper published an alleged picture of her without a headscarf, her son said last night.
Sakineh Mohammad Ashtiani, 43, was convicted of “adultery while being married” and given the death penalty after a trial over her husband’s murder in 2006.
The widow’s son Sajad, 22, has campaigned for her to be released and after the plight caused international uproar her execution was halted in July.
But supporters’ hopes have been dashed after Sajad said that his mother has been whipped 99 times after an apparent picture of her without traditional head-dress appeared in The Times last week.
The newspaper quickly withdrew the picture claiming it was of a different Iranian woman living in Sweeden but Sajad now fears that his mother could be hanged.
He said the photograph was an excuse to punish his mother and that the hardline Iranian government’s real purpose was to silence the international campaign to save her.

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  1. The laws in Iran are no different from the laws in Saudi Arabia. Yet we continue to have business dealings with them (the Saudi's) – we even have our presidents kiss their hands and bow to them. If we are that desperate for their oil, then we need to overtake their countries and call them our own. That is the ONLY way for this barbarism to end. I'm sure the people of the Middle East would thank us, especially the women.

  2. I agree with you, the sooner we end the need for saudi oil the better, a good way to do that is through flex fuel automobiles and delivery systems.

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