The following article is from EuropeNews, thanks to Henrik Clausen for the heads up on it. The lazy intellectual argument against Thilo Sarrazin is past ridiculous, it’s scandalous, the only thing the oppisition can do is throw down the gauntlet of “racism”, and there you go, off to the outer darkness to wail and gnash your teeth.
But guess what folks, we have truth and justice on our side. The more the political elites use their “oligarchy tactics” to quash those that oppose them, they expose their liberal democratic system as being the mere window dressings that it is. These self designated multiculti societal engineers are consistently seen as being unable to defend their position with honest debate (because they can’t) and in the process, lose more people from their cause. 
Thank you Thilo Sarrazin for standing tall, and calling the situation as you  see it, a failed experiment that will one day doom German society to cultural genocide if not challenged and soon ended. KGS

It must be permissible to say …

BILD Zeitung 4 September 2010
These are sentences most Germans would sign without hesitating. Sentences that formulate misunderstandings, frequently catastrophic, in our country. In spite of this, they are sentences that in Germany trigger anguish, strife and furious discussions. BILD is of the opinion: We need NO ban on free speech! Especially not for inconvenient sentences such as these!

„German should be the language we hear in our schools“
Fact: Children and youngsters who do not speak proper German have no chance to rise in society and tend to descend into violence and crime. Among repeat offenders (five offences or more), youth of Turkish origin have a prominent share of 8.3 percent. Where Turkish immigrants are well integrated, the rate of violence falls remarkably. Foreign youth have an unemployment rate twice that of Germans. One of the main reasons: Lack of ability to speak German.

„Whoever rejects work, deserves no support“

Fact: Whoever rejects „reasonable employment“, should count on a loss of support. Government support (359 Euro a month) can be reduced by 30 %, and in repeat cases fall away entirely. However, the employment agencies rarely use this clause. Countrywide only 2.5 % of the unemployed are hit by this sanction. Most frequently in Bavaria, where up to 6.2 % are sanctioned, and most infrequently in the East German areas, at places only 0,6 %–0,8 %).

„Child molesters should be put away for good“

Fact: Back in 2001, prime minster Gerhard Schröder said: Child molesters „lock them up – forever!“ However, legal precedent has hardly changed. In 2009 11,,319 cases of child abuse were reported in Germany, with significantly higher unreported numbers, probably in the range of 100,000 cases. Over and over, repeat molesters are set free. Every second child molester is a repeat offender.

„I will not apologize for being German“

Fact: „Potato“, „F***ing German“, „Pork eater“ – this is how Germans are being abused in Germany, in schools, in the subway, in the streets. Berlin youth judge Kirsten Heisig (died in July 2010) described in her book: “The End of Patience” the rampant hostility towards Germans that many immigrants nurture. She relates cases where young women of Turkish origin call young Germans “German whores”, and said: Germans “should be gassed”. Heisig makes clear: “If Germans were treating foreigners like that, we would call it ‘Racism'”. Furthermore, Germany is also a fine country that immigrants can also be proud of. Example: the German-Lebanese family in Berlin, who during the recent soccer world championships wrapped their entire house in the Black-Red-Golden colours of the German flag.

„Too many young immigrants are criminals“

Fact: In some districts of Berlin, the rate of violent crime among Muslim youth is, as estimated by youth judge Kristin Heisig (†2010), three times that of German youth. District prosecutor of Berlin, Roman Reusch, said in 2007: Roughly 80 % of serious repeat offenders (report here) are of immigrant background. And: Since 1985, the share of foreigners in German prisons has almost doubled. For instance in Hessen, 45 % of the some 6000 prisoners are foreigners. Of these, Turks constitute the largest groups with 19,2 %. To compare, the share of foreigners in the population at large is currently 8.9 %.

„Whoever is working should not be the stupid one“

Fact: Many are working hard, but remain working poor – yet hardly receive more than welfare recipients. This includes care and cleaning staff, guards and waiters. The German Ministry of Labour has calculated: A waiter (married, 3 children) as an average disposable income of 1745 Euros, including child support. A family on unemployment support has, including housing support, almost 1980 Euros per month. The waiter may get promoted to earn close to 2290 Euros per month. This 310 Euros more than the family of the unemployed – but he has to work really hard each day for this.

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