Obama has made a basket case out of Afghanistan. No, the troops are doing what they can under the grossly self defeating rules of engagement, but it’s the present administration’s handling of the Karzai government that’s to blame. The man has been treated badly by Obama, and no longer believes that his stake is with the West, hence the appeal in trying to settle with his opposition. Good by elections and any semblance of normality, sharia here it comes.

Back to the future

Spencer: What could possibly go wrong? Karzai sets up council for peace talks with the Taliban

War is deceit,” of course, and only a fool would blindly assume the Taliban would come to the negotiating table in good faith. But there is another aspect of this story to watch carefully: namely, the likelihood of concessions toward a more robust implementation of Sharia law in Afghanistan.
Indeed, Sharia is already enshrined in the Afghan constitution, setting the stage for future conflicts — the imposition of Islamic law being the fundamental aim of jihad — and for future human rights abuses that Islamic law upholds as just and sacred. Those include stonings and lashes for adultery, the subjugation of women and unbelievers, anddeath for apostasy and “blasphemy,” the last two of which have been high-profile issues in Afghan courts under Karzai.
There is no reason for faith in Karzai to take a stand in the near or distant future, recalling his failure to condemn the practice of stoning, and the disastrous Shi’ite family law, passed under his watch, that legalized marital rape.

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  1. Yes, I'm afraid that it'll be the case of Shariah for Afghanistan in the future.

    Looking at the poor turnout for last night's Grand Apéritif Républicain anti-Islamisation protest in France, that country could eventually be heading in the same direction. Furthermore, protesters in Toulouse were hounded away by a group of leftists from MRAP as can be seen here: https://durotrigan.blogspot.com/2010/09/what-happened-to-grand-aperitif.html

  2. Mr. Karzai is only out for himself and has made a pact with the devil.

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