While the Tundra Tabloids isn’t quite convinced that Zuhdi Jasser has pro-Israel opinions, I nonetheless applaud his stance on this Muslim soldier, calling him a traitor is absolutely correct and hopefully this will generate more interest in the media to seek out this man.
Jasser is one of the ‘mild Muslims’ the Tundra Tabloids periodically refers to, that they need to be given a voice. That said, persons like Jasser face an incredible up-hill battle in pushing their style of Islam, seeing that all the internationally accepted Islamic schools of jurisprudence would toss Jasser out on his ear, labeling an apostate for his troubles.
That’s the reality of it. KGS
H/T Zip

(Fox News) An American Muslim organization is asking the U.S. Army to deny a Muslim soldier’s request for conscientious objector status, accusing him of treason and urging the military to punish him to the full extent of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
Pfc. Naser Abdo, a 20-year-old infantryman who joined the Army one year ago, filed for conscientious objector status in June, saying his faith and the military don’t mix. ”As a Muslim, we stand against injustice, we stand against discrimination, and I feel it’s my duty as an individual to do this,” Abdo told FoxNews.com.
The Army has deferred his scheduled deployment to Afghanistan.
But the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD) says Abdo’s claim is “patently false.”
“Muslims serve with distinction throughout the United States Military and AIFD sees Abdo’s traitorous public assertions as a slap in the face to all American Muslims especially those Muslims who fight in our armed forces for the liberty and freedom guaranteed by the American Constitution,” the group said in a statement it issued on Friday.
Said Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, president of AIFD: “Abdo’s actions are an affront to every American Muslim who has proudly donned a U.S. military uniform. His assertions are not built on Islamic teachings but on a feeble adherence to the global political ideology of Islamism that threatens our security and radicalizes our Muslim youth.” (how many time have you heard a Muslim group say that? -ed.)
Abdo said that in addition to conflicting with his religion beliefs, his military duties were also consuming every part of his day and interfering with his religious duties. “I knew that if I went to Afghanistan and, God forbid, something were to happen, that my faith was so weak that I wouldn’t be admitted into heaven,” he said.
But AIFD on Friday called Abdo’s claim a cowardly attempt to use his faith to make a political statement and said it belies the religious experience of the vast majority of Muslim-American troops who have found the time to perform their spiritual rituals.
“The Military has made the application for CO status extremely clear so that soldiers, sailors and marines can not abuse the system and run from their military responsibility,” said Jasser, a former lieutenant commander in the United States Navy.
AIFD says it hopes the military denies Abdo’s claim and punishes him to the full extent of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. The group is also asking other American Muslim organizations to speak out and make it clear that no loyal American Muslim should ever seek CO status.

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