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Feiz Muhammad: anyone who mocks
Mo, muslim or non-muslim should die
This is the point about sharia, it’s a political system that effects not only Muslims, but non-Muslims as well. To allow on tiny fraction of sharia into the West, is to eventually allow the whole of it, this is what the Leftists and other ignorant souls do not understand. KGS


Amsterdam- Dutch Muslim radicals are calling for Wilders to be beheaded. The call comes from the Australian hate preacher Feiz Muhammad (40), by intelligence agencies worldwide as one of the main jihadist ideologues, a great inspiration for Western, young Muslim radicals.
Sound recordings of this call are owned by The Telegraph and the Dutch secret service AIVD. The call did Feiz during a speech at a secluded site of jihadists, in response to questions from Dutch radicals: “We see the evil filth of people like those filthy Dutch politician. Anyone who our learning mocks, laughs at Islam, which lowers the death, decapitated him, cut his head off. “
Wilders shocked
The voice can be heard on the website of De Telegraaf. The PVV leader yesterday by The Associated Press detailed informed of the matter. Wilders says he was shocked last night and has consulted with Eric Akerboom, National Coordinator for Counterterrorism (NCTb). “I urgently want to know why the AIVD NCTb and never informed me about this.”
Feiz Muhammad within intelligence circles is in the same breath as notorious spiritual jihad leaders and the US-Yemeni Muslim preacher Anwar al-Awlaki, a major recruiter for Al Qaeda, which is seen as the inspiration behind the failed attack with an aircraft over Detroit. According to Ronald Sandee, former employee of the MIVD and director of a U.S. anti-terrorist “assassination of the call for Wilders to be taken very seriously”.

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  1. I wonder how Australian authorities will handle this, but I know that, had little punk Feiz Mahound spewed that in Britain, NuLabour, LibDem and Tories would all have said that freedom of speech guarantees the right to say that for such dirtbags.

    On the other hand, if someone in Britain called for punk-bitch Feiz Mahound to be publicly stripped naked and hosed down with cold water, that poor bastard would probably be sentenced to a few years behind bars… And in the mahoundian-populated section of the prison they'd send him to. Nevermind that calling for such a prank is nowhere near calling for a beheading in terms of the violence that each of those incitements could produce.

    Maybe that wouldn't happen just in Britain, but pretty much anywhere in the civilized world. For all practical purposes, I suppose all developed countries except the US have First-Amendment like freedom of speech for mahoundians only, while they regard criticism of mahoundianism as the most serious of felonies.

  2. Hopefully Australian authorities will charge him for inciting a terrorist act overseas. He's a nobody who has become somebody in the islamic fringe world because of the message of hate and intolerance (surprise, surprise) that he chants. Of course his 'realisation' comes directly from the mind destroying crud he reads in the little green book or Arabian ignorance.

  3. Reminds me of the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland, anyone she didn't like or "offended" her, it was "off with their heads!!!!!!!"

  4. What do you expect if you follow Mohammed the warlord's teachings …… death and destruction follow him ….

  5. Feiz doesn't seem to be a very peaceful Muslim… but wilders isn't peaceful either… wilders is going for a propaganda, and feiz is answering in aggression… so I think, this is their internal argumentation, we should not care about it!!! an internal affair between wilders and feiz that is!!!

    And I think anonymous comments should be closed!

  6. Feiz-Mo should be rounded-up, flown to Git-mo and handed a parachute pack filled with all his old laundry and told to aim for the camp. KGS

  7. This rant is the product of a very disturbed mind.

    How can anyone be filled with so much hatred???

    Oh . . for a moment I forgot . . he is a Muslim who in his own words is a follower of Muhammad – the perfect man (sic).

    No wonder so many Muslims call themselves Mohammed, or Muhammad, or Mohamed (like the "strategic management consultant from Brent").

  8. The true face of Islam revealing itself again, quite different from the 'nice polite soft' Islam presented to us by the apologist, butt kissing Liberal MSM and no backbone politicians.

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