An email sent to the Tundra Tabloids contained the following: 
“There’s a lot of people upset and angered over the Ground Zero mosque imam, Zakaria Abdul Rauf’s “travelling around the globe promising radicals that the US is changing its foreign policy for the better (assuming the *best* interpretation of why he’s being dispatched), it’s pretty obvious he’s talking in part about Israel.
State pays radicals to go around the planet to trash the US. Why trash the US? Because they have to promise that US policies are going to change, which means they have to start out by agreeing that those policies – including support for Israel – are horrific. Why radicals? Because that’s who can get through the doors.”


To Hon. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary of State:

As you know, the State Department continues to employ Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf as a roving goodwill ambassador to the Muslim world. In this capacity he is charged with articulating American values to often skeptical audiences and with defending our principles globally.

Recent investigations have uncovered evidence of deep radicalism on Imam Rauf’s part, and have raised justifiable questions regarding his suitability as an American spokesperson. For their part Imam Rauf and his defenders have smeared concerned citizens as bigots, such that he can no longer credibly defend America as the land of tolerance that you and I know it to be.

Since Imam Rauf is unsuitable, unwilling, or unable to discharge his duties as an American goodwill ambassador, I demand that you fire him immediately.

Some of the many criticisms of Imam Rauf’s words and behavior, which place him in opposition to President Obama’s administration and to a broad swath of the American public, include:

  • His explicit or implicit support for Hamas, for factions of Al Qaeda, and for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps that controls the Iranian government. These are all groups listed as terrorist organizations by your State Department.
  • His close association with Malaysian ex-Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad, a rabid anti-Semite opposed to the existence of Israel and condemned for undermining democracy by a 2008 State Department report.
  • His hostility to a two-state resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which President Obama is pursuing as a central component of his Middle East strategy.

Madame Secretary, two consecutive administrations have erred in allowing Imam Rauf to be our country’s public face to the Arab and Muslim world.

It is now up to you to rectify these oversights, and I ask that you do so immediately.

Sincerely, A Very Concerned Citizen

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