As for “derailing the peace process”, there is nothing for Hamas to derail, there is no such thing as a “peace process” and there is no Arab leader or movement within the camp that calls themselves “Palestinians” who wants to end their conflict with the Jewish state. Obama is wasting more taxpayers money in trying to achieve his place in history as “having played a part in solving the conflict”. 

The Israeli government needs to demand from the Fakestinians that they begin restructuring their society from the ground up, and forget about the other tradtional issues, like the settlements, refugees, J’lem etc., until they get their own house in order, then they can talk shop. The Arabs have an enormous tendency to demand, demand, demand, without ever offering anything or doing anything positive themselves, this has to end, and it’s not going to take just a year to do it, but decades. KGS

Shot fired at a vehicle near Rimonim Junction injuring two, one in serious condition; Abbas in Washington denounces latest Hamas attacks.
The military wing of Palestinian terrorist group Hamas claimed responsibility for Wednesday night’s drive-by shooting near Rimonim Junction in the West Bank that left two Israelis wounded, Israel Radio reported Thursday.
Shots were reportedly fired at a vehicle traveling in the area between the settlement Kochav Yaakov and Rimonim Junction.

Judea and Samaria Police officers who arrived on the scene found an Israeli vehicle with bullet marks. “The vehicle descended down a nearby slope,” police said. The officers who arrived in the area found one person seriously injured and another person slightly injured.
Magen David Adom rushed the two Israelis to the Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center in Jerusalem; a man aged around 30 in moderate to serious condition suffering from a gunshot wound to the knee, and a woman aged around 30 who was injured in the resulting accident. Both are conscious and stable, paramedics said.
Security forces were on the scene searching for the terrorists’ vehicle.

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