This is one of those articles that you wish was plastered all across the globe, and read in every household. Here’s a Muslim who gets it, but the guy is sadly, overwhelmingly….outnumbered.  KGS

The struggle against jihad

No sooner did news of the Ottawa Terror Plot unfold on national TV, than one could predict the response of Canada’s Islamists and their organizations.
Across Canada, apologists of the terror suspects repeated the same mantra. The three men arrested were portrayed as “innocent” and the wider Muslim community was positioned as the real victims of the episode. It was as if the Islamist leadership had dusted off the speaking notes from the days of the Toronto 18 trials when leader after leader stood up to claim the young men arrested were framed, not real terrorists.
As Muslim Canadians, both of us, while asking for the due judicial process to take its course, had no hesitation in condemning the rising tide of jihadi radicalism that is sweeping like a contagious disease among Muslim youth, especially of Pakistani ancestry, across Canada. However, by and large the leadership of traditional Islamist organizations and the mosque establishment repeated the now tired and cliché-ridden depiction of Muslims as the real victims.
Not a single imam that we have heard has mustered the courage to say, “The doctrine of armed jihad is defunct and inapplicable in the 21st century.” Instead the same tired old clichés were repeated about Islam being a religion of peace and denouncing terrorism, while keeping mum about jihad.

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