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What readers and reviewers are saying about THE ARAB LOBBY:
“Mitchell Bard has presented a well-documented, concise and insightful analysis of the scope and impact of Arab states’ influence on U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. This book should be on the required reading list of every college course on contemporary politics of the Middle East.”
– Abraham H. Foxman
“After decades of hearing almost exclusively about the Israel lobby, Mitchell Bard finally provides the full story on the Arab lobby in this detailed, fast-moving, and fascinating study. He reveals the malign influence of an unpopular, hate-filled but well-financed campaign that goes back, surprisingly, to the 1930s and has been driven by Arab states, oil companies executives, State Department Arabists, and assorted antisemites.”
– Daniel Pipes
“Mitchell Bard has written an extraordinarily important book vital to our nation’s national security. Meticulously documented, “The Arab Lobby,” provides the most comprehensive account yet on the activities and influence of the Arab Lobby in the media, Congress, think tanks and even law enforcement. This is required reading for any American concerned with the safety of the United States. It will anger you, it will fascinate you and it will hopefully mobilize you. Dr. Bard has done us all a favor for his fastidious research in writing this amazing book.”
– Steven Emerson

Very related, it tells of the corruption involved anytime Saudi/ME Arab petrol dollars passes hands: 

Diana West:All Roads Lead to Ground Zero Mosque 

– Part 2

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