Finnish Minister of Immigration and of Europe, Astrid Thors, is finally making some head sense, but lets be clear, without the continual holding of their feet to the flame, these multiculturalists would not be making reasonable decisions, on the contrary, they would be turning a blind eye to every abuse of these immigration and refugee policies. They simply can’t be trusted, so the pressure has to be constant. KGS
NOTE: The situation with refugee applicants can be likened to the squeezing of a balloon, where one end is pressured, it immediately expands elsewhere.

The daily Helsingin Sanomat reports that Immigration Minister Astrid Thors wants more stringent oversight of the reunification of the families of refugees and asylum seekers. Thors is proposing that asylum seekers be required to present passports with biometric identity information.
According to Director General Jorma Vuorio of the Finnish Immigration Service, officials cannot currently verify the identity of applicants, for example those from Somalia, and decisions on entry are made almost solely on the basis of interviews.

Aliens legislation does not allow for testing the age of applicants abroad. In neighbouring Sweden, the requirement for biometric passports has reduced the number of unwarranted applications for residence made on the basis of family ties.Vuorio says that that the problem affects Finland most within the EU.

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