Special thanks to Gates of Vienna for the story and for Kitman in adding the subtitles to the short video. The powers that be want to quash it, though as the Baron stated:
Read the rest of the news article here. There is back-and-forth lawyer-talk analysis as to whether the ad is “hate” speech. I mentioned last night that TV4 in Sweden refused to run a campaign commercial by Sverigedemokraterna (the Sweden Democrats) on the grounds that it contained “hate speech”.Now, thanks to Kitman, you can watch for yourselves and see if you can spot the “hate speech” in this brief 30-second ad:

There is a definite, concerted effort to limit the SD party’s influence in Sweden’s political life, even if it means using the most anti-democratic means to do it, meaning high handed tactics, intimidation and skullduggery, and with SDP cadres leading the way, faux conservatives in the National Coalition can just stand back and watch. KGS

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