The Norway, Israel and the Jews blog brings up an excellent point that goes to the heart of the Leftist-multiculturalist art of the double standard. What the Tundra Tabloids is saying, is that no matter if it’s right or wrong, factual or not, the multi-culti elite will look at each case through the prism of the majority/minority paradigm.
Norwegian satanists: Yeah we’re bad, but not stupid

The whole concept of treating both the majority and minority communities differently, is inherently flawed, for it undermines the entire concept of equality under the law.
Take a close look at the thinking of Njål Høstmælingen, director at the International Law and Policy Institute (ILPI), who thinks a satanist rock band’s calling for the death of Christians “within the bounds of acceptability”, just because Christians comprise the majority of that country.
It’s highly flawed thinking, but that’s how the lords of multiculturalism think, and the reason why, Jussi Halla-aho, the Finnish Helsinki city councilman who wrote a blog post about this doublestandard, and was convicted for it by a foolish court. KGS

ILPI director finds calls of ‘death to Christians’ acceptable

NIJ: Newspaper Vårt Land reports that the Christian Democrats are taking a group of Satanist musicians to court after the devil-worshippers played the song “Drep de kristne” (Kill the Christians) at a recent rock festival. From Vårt Land (unauthorized translation): Høstmælingen believes the expressions are unproblematic as long as they are directed against a large majority of the population. If they had been directed against the same (ed:indigenous Norwegians) the situation would have been different.
It is interesting to recall that the same Njål Høstmælingen has stated the following about the security measures adopted by the Israeli embassy to Oslo, which in January 2009 was attacked by a mob of masked pro-Palestinians chanting “Death to the Jews”: They are a little bit over the top. If it is necessary for them to have a half-meter thick concrete wall and police guards whenever they drive in and out, they don’t fit into an area with offices and residences next door.
So when Satanists sing of “Death to Jews”, Director of ILPI Njål Høstmælingen finds this acceptable, because Christians are in majority. And when masked men chant “Death to Jews” while attacking the Israeli embassy in Parkveien, Director of IILPI Njål Høstmælingen finds embassy security measures unacceptable because Parkveien is a residential area.
One cannot help but wonder how Njål Høstmælingen react if a mob of people were to attack an embassy while chanting “Death to muslims”. Would he kindly suggest that also that embassy moved somewhere more appropriate? Or would he grant them the same rights of protection as he claims he would grant the same (Ed: indigenous Norwegians/Laplanders)?

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