With shariaophile crap like this being promoted at the tax payers expence, it’s another good reason to leave your TV license unpaid. And yes folks, here in Finland, as in most places in Europe, the state forces its citizens to fork over around 250 Euros a year for the privledge to watch TV, even if you don’t watch state tv, being only hooked up to watch cable or satellite.

YLE: “It is the first week of April and the pupils start a Muslim life under the Iraqi born Haider Al-Hello’s guidance.
Surprise, immediately, the first thing, the group participates in a Shiia mosque in Friday prayer in Helsinki. How will female students take that a women’s place is behind the curtain in the mosque and will they dress for a prayer shawl?
Haider wants to also spread multiculturalism elsewhere in Finland, and takes his students to Kerava, where they will be trained to be good Muslims. Kerava is a typical Finnish town, less than one percent of the population are Muslims. Students meet with mentors in an empty industrial space built as a prayer room in Kerava’s Savi.
Muslim teacher in Helsinki, Isra Lehtinen and the Syrian Anas Hajjar an influential Muslim who left Damascus, tell the group how they should live in the following six weeks. They will also make an inspection of the students’ homes, and teach how Muslims pray five times a day. How do the students succeed in life without alcohol and having sex outside of marriage? Also pork and gambling are prohibited, haram.
The former taxi driver, immigration critical, Pasi loves pork. He is the groups’ rebel, but will Pasi abandon long-cherished hobby of gambling? A man living in a relation with another man, dj-bar owner, Antti, is asked to live six weeks of celibacy, as well as celibacy for striptease artist Kirsi Kalle i.e. Geronima. World Adventures, Eija, a substitute teacher begins to take seriously the mentors doctrines. Theology student, a Christian, Krista doubts how can a woman accustomed to Western freedom adapt to the demands of Islam.”
Ok, you get the idea now. This is just another attempt by the multiculti-pc political powers that be, to shove their ideas of multiculturalism utopia down the throats of general population. Their message is that Islam is here to stay so “just get used to it”, without giving a damn for their concerns or the facts surrounding Islam anywhere it washes ashore.
It was only a matter of time before YLE took on the project. KGS

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