When Alan Dershowitz sticks to the subject of the world’s biases against Israel, he’s almost unequaled in his observations and his ability to express them. He is one of the more often quoted speakers on issues concerning anti-Semitism -that’s allowed to thrive under the guise of anti-Israel criticism- and when he gets it right, he nails it. KGS

Alan Dershowitz: “The major obstacle to peace is the international community led by the United Nations. The international community has emboldened Arab leaders into believing that Israel can be delegitimated and weakened through international pressure, and that if the Palestinians hold out long enough, they can achieve their ultimate goal: Namely to end Israel’s existence as a Jewish state accepted by the international community.”
NOTE: Here’s what the moronic Europeans think of the “new peace process talks” being planned. Ludicrus buffoons. Keep barf bucket at the ready.

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