The Tundra Tabloids really doesn’t understand what’s all the hub-bub about a shiite not wanting a sunni mosque being built at Ground Zero, seeing that both sects in the cult of Islam loathe each other and in spite of occasional periods of coopertation (like the genocidal Iran-Syrian-Hamas nexus) have been traditionally at each others throats.
In short, this Muslim Miss is looking at the Ground Zero mosque from a Shiite position, not from an “how dare you be so insensative to build a mosque where 3000 people were murdered by radical Islam” position. KGS

Rima Fake (ih): Oops, my support for mosques
only goes one way: Shiite

Muslim-born Miss USA says she opposes Ground Zero Islamic center

The reigning Miss USA has come out against the Ground Zero mosque, saying “it shouldn’t be so close” to Ground Zero.
The 24-year-old Rima Fakih, is the first Muslim winner of the Miss USA contest and is preparing for the Miss Universe Pageant, scheduled for Monday in Las Vegas.
“I totally agree with President Obama with the statement on Constitutional rights of freedom of religion,” Fakih told “Inside Edition” in an interview that will air tonight.
“I also agree that it shouldn’t be so close to the World Trade Center. We should be more concerned with the tragedy than religion. (TT: Except when it involves Shiites)”

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NOTE: Special thanks to pterois for the H/T on the typo

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