When it comes to treating other religions fairly, in a Muslim dominated state, the other religions are treated like crap, no, they are treated more likely with contempt and threats of genocide. While the international bozos whine on about the needy Gazans (who are on an average, more well off than most 3rd world states) Christians in Pakistan are being denied the very basic of all needs, food and medicine.
What would happen if international aid was trying to be sent just to these Christians who are in desperate need of food? Well the convoys would be stopped, the goods confiscated and the workers either jailed or deported or both. Yet it’s the Gazans who get all the attention, in spite of their lack of need for outside “aid” these flotillas are bringing, while Pakistani Christians starve due to the Muslim majority that runs Pakistan. Tell me, how sick is that? KGS

The pajamas and sandals squad: Aid for Christians, now 
why in the world would we go and do that?

The Bishop of Peshawar in Pakistan has warned that Christians there will receive “hardly anything” from the aid packages being distributed among victims of the country’s worst flooding in 80 years.
The warning from Bishop Humphrey Peters came one day after the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), an alliance of aid agencies including World Vision and Christian Aid, launched a major appeal for donations to help victims of the floods.
At least 1,600 people have died in the floods, while millions more are in need of aid. Bishop Peters said many Christians had lost everything.
“Our Christians, who are already deprived and marginalised, are in pathetic conditions. They have lost almost everything in their houses; they could only save their lives,” he said.
“Soon after the emergency phase that might last for a couple of months, the most important will be the rehabilitation.
“We are sure that some countries will come forward with aid packages, but hardly anything will reach the minority Christians. Do keep us in your special prayers.”
Yunis Lal Din, leader of the Fellowship of Brethren Churches in Pakistan, told Barnabas Fund that many Christian families were facing a “desperate” situation after losing their homes and possessions.
“Many Christians were already in poor circumstances and are now doubly affected and do not know where to find help. It is great to know that brothers and sisters care so much in this time of national crisis. Thank you,” she said.
Christians make up less than 3 per cent of the population in majority-Muslim Pakistan and are often excluded from anything more than menial employment, meaning that the majority of them live in extreme poverty.
Barnabas Fund said islamisation was already gaining strength in Pakistan, where sharia law has been partially implemented, and that Christians were “likely to be neglected” where general aid is distributed.

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