The man is a disingenuous jerk and a clown. He conflates two different issues, the Ground Zero mosque and the 9/11 health care bill for first responders that didn’t receive enough Republican votes (due to the Democrats including extra issues into the bill, like immigration etc.) nor a majority of Dem votes either for that matter to suit the Dem run House to pass it. The Dems have a House majority, which means that they have more than enough votes to pass the bill, but didn’t want to be seen as being alone in voting for the immigration clause that was added to it. Disingenuous jerks.
Nadler also take the issue of the mosque and reduces it to a “minority issue”, when it’s anything but, it’s an Islamic supremacist issue, that should be fought tooth and nail. It’s also an issue of  showing common decency towards the family members who lost people on 9/11…..as well as the rest of America that refuses to be openly slapped in the face.

These Dhimmirats are disgusting. This is the same clown who was arguing two years ago that Obama was not against Israel, and we’ve seen how that all turned out. Here Geller confronts Nadler who applauds Obama’s planned “diplomacy overtures” and we all know how that is working out as well. Yeah…an opened fist. KGS


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