Norwegian society is ill. There is something seriously, fundamentally wrong with any society that on the one hand, is convinced of its humanitarianism and human rights credentials, but nonetheless is negatively obsessesed with a tiny state that it doesn’t share any borders with.
The Tundra Tabloids is not a political scientist nor a social psychologist, but it doesn’t take a Ph.D in either sciences to determine that something is seriously wrong in Oslo. What has contributed to the path Norway’s political, academic, media and societal elite have taken for itself, because there seems to be some sort of pathology at work here, something just doesn’t add up?
While comparing Iran with Norway sounds absurd, both states have completely different cultures and histories and are fundamentally different in every way, they do however share one unique obsession…….the Jewish state of Israel.
Over at the Norway, Israel and the Jews blog, there is an interesting observation on what the Norwegian media finds newsworthy, and on what it does not. The Finnish media as well as in Sweden employ much of the same methodology in determining for themselves “what the public wants to know about”, but in Finland it’s less pronounced, but noticable and destructive nonetheless. KGS
NIJ: When US Senator Brownback expresses concern over anti-Semitism and Israel-hatred in Norway, the Norwegian media does not deem it newsworthy as he is just an individual expressing his particular views. Yet when an Israeli soldier posts photographs on Facebook, the Norwegian media finds it highly newsworthy as it illustrates deeper problems in Israeli society.
Such is the nature of the fundamental attribution error: when an individual makes a mistake, he ascribes it to external forces such as randomness, luck or the scheming of an enemy. When he sees another person making the same mistake, especially if that person belongs to a designated “outgroup”, that person is regarded as being entirely and solely responsible for that mistake.
In Norway, many members of the media corps are overly eager to view any Israeli mistake, error or slight as a sign of greater ills. So when a chemist engages in some dubious sales of chemicals, that is newsworthy. And when the IDF purchases odorless socks, that is newsworthy. And when Palestinian homosexuals complain of Israeli homo-imperialism, that is also newsworthy. In short, all bad news about Israeli is newsworthy because it fits into the perception that many prominent Norwegians already have shaped of Israel: a country of such great evil, it is forever toppling on the brink of self-annihilation. The screenshot above is a perfect illustration: An Israeli soldier has posted uncomfortable pictures, so this confirms the validity of the established perception.
Meanwhile, a far greater scandal is developing at the Dutch Defense Academy (NLDA), with violence, racism, sexual assault and intimidation. Yet of this there is no word as Holland does not belong to the outgroup in which the Norwegian media corps has bracketed Israel.
Criticism of Norway on the other hand, is also not to be taken seriously. Criticism of Norway, we have been told by both ME pundit Professor Waage at the University of Oslo and FM Jonas Gahr Støre, is just the product of a right-wing Israeli smear-campaign.

NOTE: Here is a post from the Bad News From the Netherlands blog reporting on a spot of news that got past Norwegian “gate-keepers”, New Complaints About Misbehavior in Officer’s Courses. Apparently when something happens elsewhere outside of Israel, it doesn’t generate the same amount of interest.

NOTE: More on the lone IDF soldier’s facebook pics with pali perps.

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