Gilo Israel Security Fence


While this deflates the myth that the Israeli security fence is a land grabbing project, the Tundra Tabloids is of the opinion that they will come to regret this decision, sooner or later. With no wish to be right, this is a fool’s errand built on pure wishfull thinking, they are taking a calculated risk for whatever the reason, but it’ll backfire. KGS

Note: View the video of it here

BBC: Israeli troops have begun demolishing a concrete wall erected nine years ago to protect the Jewish settlement of Gilo on the southern outskirts of Jerusalem.
The settlement, which Israel regards as a neighbourhood of Jerusalem, came under fire from the Palestinian village of Beit Jala in 2000. An Israeli military spokesman said the wall was no longer needed because security had improved.
The wall was a precursor to the barrier built along the West Bank. Israel says the barrier is necessary to stop suicide attacks, but rights groups have complained that it has made life for Palestinians very difficult.

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  1. My friends live in Gilo, and we are all worried. This is an exercise in futility. Anyone on the street here can see that the endless concessions have given boldness to our enemies. How many lives will be lost? It seems that as long as it is Jews the world doesn't care.

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