George Galloway: I’ll get this weapons blockade
removed, no matter how Jews are murdered as a result
They’re at it again, and due to the statements from political “leaders” like the UK’s David Cameron and from EU press releases, the zany dhimmi stooges will keep plying the waters trying to break Israel’s legal weapons blockade of Hamas run Gaza. These “humanitarians” are falling over themselves to help Hamas, though night clubs are being built, fancy shopping malls, and an olymic size pool.
It’s all a ruse, but these fake humanitarians will keep it up because their real aim is to allow Hamas to arm themselves unfettered by Israeli control. In short, they are aiding Hamas through their attempts at weapons blockade running, not to aid the Arabs, but to help the Arabs with means to murder the Jews. Sick. KGS

”Viva Palestina’ Gaza flotilla to sail’

Anti-Israel activist Galloway says 3 ships to leave Sept. 18.

A flotilla of ships titled the “Viva Palestina” convoy will leave from London, Casablanca in Morroco and Doha in Qatar on September 18, according to an opinion article by George Galloway in Friday’s edition of the British socialist daily the Morning Star. The flotilla will seek to break Israel’s naval blockade of the Gaza Strip.

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