I disagree with Geller, it wasn’t an ugly debate, it was a beautiful expose´ on the mind of the Mohammedan. Shahed Amanullah could barely control himself and his lies were easily exposed for what they are:
“Of the 1500 mosques in America there’s not a single one of them that support the ideology that drove the al-Qaida hijackers on 9/11.”
Yeah, right, and that’s just for starters, the stealth jihadi tries to smear Geller as a bigoted alarmist because the Muslim population in America constitutes only 1% of the total popultion. Well it only takes a handful of people to spearhead a movement to move larger groups of people, such as the Bolsheviks and the Iranian Mullahs did in their own successful revolutions.
The Stealth Jihad is full of types like Amanullah who smear the opposition while positioning themselves as the victims, all the while they and their cohorts use and abuse society’s sense of fair play to their own advantage. Remember folks, if Islam was like any other religion, we wouldn’t be talking about this right now, it would be a moot subject, but it’s not like any other religion, not even close. KGS

Read it all here.

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