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Here’s an excellent documentary of the phenomenon sweeping the EU member states. No it’s not about a new dance craze, but about the crazed cult of Islam and the thugs who want to see it’s traditional interpretation practiced in the UK, which means death to apostates. Thanks to Vlad for the H/T. KGS

NOTE: The imam interviewed towards the end of the video practices taqiyya when he talks about “no compulsion of religion in Islam”. The implied meaning in the verse quoted is that there is no other religion but Islam. Also it is one of those abrogated verses made during a time when Mohamed and his followers were weak.

The imam is lying through his teeth, and it can be easily proven by the fatwa issued by the Cairo based, al-zahar university that stated in a case of apostasy, the “offender” should be executed.

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  1. What a lieing sack of sh*t that Imam is. And that reporter won't call him a liar. He's a holy man! Of course it's all a 'lack of understanding' – the infidels lack it, the Muslims lack it, so no one has an understanding!

  2. The more people understand the principles of taqiyya, the less likely these con artists will have success.

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