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Pamela has Spencer’s debate with the World Muslim Congress’ Michael Ghouse on Fox News’ Hannity show. It wasn’t a fair contest, Spencer handled him with both hands tied behind his back. KGS

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  1. Actually, many people and many MSM talk-potatoes and many Government officials (in the US as well as in the EU/UK) are under the stagnating influence of the standard muslim mantra – “but… we are a religion of peace.” The people who believe this lie are uninformed, and because they are too dhimmi to educate themselves this death cult will ruin the west. I repeat – Death Cult.
    The islam movement is NOT a religion, it is NOT even a faith – it is a perverted, barbaric and cruel death cult that looks to manipulate and govern the lives of all in everything they do. No, it is NOT a religion, but a dangerous and barbaric cult started by a psychotic, deranged and uneducated tribal barbarian who stained and corrupted this beautiful planet 1400 years ago. This so-called prophet also was a pedophile, marrying a girl (Aisha) of 6 years old, and then “consummating” the marriage when she was nine years old. (I guess you all know how “consummating” works). Aisha had to wash the dried sperm off his robe (while he was "playing" with the young girl) before he went to prayers… barbaric and deranged.
    This barbaric and deranged lunatic also killed and slaughtered anyone who didn’t follow his cult – and this goes on today, no end. 15,700 or more DEADLY and BARBARIC acts perpetrated by muslims around the world since 9/11 – and they still whine “oh, but – it is a religion of peace.” Bullshit, unadulterated bullshit. If you try to leave islam, you are murdered – period.
    I have lived in muslim countries and seen how the people are not free, are not encouraged to live life to the full, are not encouraged to better themselves, and are forced to follow rules and social customs that are so archaic that they are actually nonsensical… no wonder that muslim countries score the lowest in the world as far as science, education, research and culture goes.
    How many muslims from muslim countries have been awarded a Nobel Prize? Very, very few – a handful at best. On the other hand, there are at least 176 Jewish winners of the Nobel Prize.
    Maybe if the Nobel committee made some changes, it would be different! “Therefore there should be prizes for innovative techniques for Sex with Goats or Camels, How to Molest female infants, the theory and practice of honor killing of wives and daughters, and the efficient slaughtering of innocent infidels and even fellow Muslims.” (https://…the_difference_between_jews_and_muslims.html)
    No, islam is NOT a religion NOR a faith, but a blight upon this beautiful planet. It HAS to be stopped, and soon – no more mosques in the western world – period.

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