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The Norwegian government in happier times, when they didn’t think that their anti-Semitism would come with a poltical price tag.
The Tundra Tabloids recently posted a piece on Professor Lerner’s letter to US Democrat Senator, Chuck Schumer, concerning anti-Semitism within the Norwegian government, now Republican US Senator, Sam Brownback writes a letter of protest to the Norwegian ambassador in Washington D.C.. It appears that the issue is starting to steamroll, the sooner the better. The Tundra Tabloids’ Scandinavian colleague based in Norway, posts the following. KGS

Norway, Israel and the Jews blog: When Professor Lerner wrote Senator Schumer in April, that was just the beginning. Now Senator Brownback has written a letter of protest to Norway’s ambassador in Washington DC. The letter has two parts. In the first, Senator Brownback expresses his concern for the situation in Norway. In the second part, the Senator mentions ten specific points upon which his concern is based. Excerpt:
Clearly, Norway is a democracy, and, as such, its citizens has the freedom to criticize individuals and nations. However, continued unaddressed negative attacks and behaviors lead to further hate and anti-Semitism.
In the ten-point list, the senator mentions among other: Deputy Minister Ingrid Fiskaa’s expressed desire of seeing Israel bombed by the UN, Mads Gilbert’s libelous book, and the riots of January 2009. The senator refers, among other, to Eirik Eiglad’s book “The anti-Jewish riots in Oslo“. The letter clearly points out that government officials and prominent citizens avoid dealing with anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism, when they do not outrightly participate in them themselves.
The letter is very polite and not offensive in any way. It is a letter written by a friend of Norway who sits in the Norwegian caucus (the “Norway-lobby”). His concern ought not to be lightly dismissed. If it is, it will be at our own peril.

UPDATE: Here’s the letter:


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