Anti-Obama Hugh Hewitt


Obama and his fellow comrades are going to get creamed in November, and that means a scaling back of not only the socialist juggernaut, but of the jihad as well. Conservatives have a ways to go before they can say they’re totally free of Saudi influence, but they stand a better chance of doing so than the Democrats, whose system of governance encourages graft and greed.
Mark the TT’s words, and Hugh Hewitt’s, Obama and his statist minions are going to get their just rewards at teh voting booth, and with careful planning and concerted effort in educating the conservative base, the Republicans stand chance at reversing the gains of the jihadis, as well as giving a stiff arm to the Saudis as well. It has to become highly unpatriotic to be influenced by anti-American proponents of sharia and jihad. KGS

H/T Breitbart

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