The chairman of the Danish Free Speech Society, Lars Hedegaard, is under attack once again by the political elites in Danish society for allegedly stating something with “waycist” content about Muslims. It’s a trumped up charge that has the consistency of helium, but that doesn’t stop the Danish multi-culti politically correct elite, no, they’ll jump at anything in order to to take this man down, because he’s the perverbial stone in the shoe, the thorn in the side, of these moronic hacks who could care less how fast they destroy their country.
Lars Hedegaard: It isn’t the first time they’ve
gone after me, they have a lot to protect, their rears.
Melanie Phillips has a good article about Hedegaard’s situation, read it all in full here.
A chilling development in Denmark illustrates just how ‘hate speech’ laws, which were introduced by deluded western liberals, are being used to stifle and criminalise the expression of legitimate opinion and essential debate — the prerequisite of a liberal society. Lars Hedegaard is president of Denmark’s International Free Press Society, which is devoted to fighting to preserve freedom of expression — particularly against the threat from radical Islam to shut it down on the spurious grounds of ‘Islamophobia’. The inevitable has now happened: as Nathaniel Sugarman writes at The Legal Project, Hedegaard finds himself facing prosecution for ‘racism’ over remarks he has made about Islam.
The basis for Hedegaard’s prosecution was an interview from December 2009 in which he made controversial statements about Islam. These assertions included critiques of what Hedegaard saw as Islam’s permissiveness regarding child abuse and bearing false witness, as well as Islam’s general intolerance concerning apostacism and critical speech. Snaphanen, a Danish blog, published the original interview, and Hedegaard has since clarified some of his remarks.
Hedegaard’s statements earned him a hate speech charge under Danish law. While Denmark’s constitution ostensibly protects freedom of expression and forbids censorship (see Section 77), the Criminal code provides that “expressing and spreading racial hatred” is a criminal offense punishable with up to two years imprisonment. (Article 266b).

More here.

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