Assad: And since the US is presently out to lunch…

Gee, what good could ever come out of that? Since the Obama administration has embarked on his failed strategy for the Middle East, all the bad guy states are taking advantage of it. What possible good could come out of Syrian meddling in Albania? I’ll answer that rhetorical question, ..nothing good at all. KGS
Serbianna: President Bashar al-Assad on Sunday discussed with Albanian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ilir Meta the latest developments in the Balkan region.Minister Meta briefed President al-Assad on the situations in the Balkan region.
President al-Assad and Minister Meta also discussed the bilateral relations, underlining the importance of upgrading cooperation on all levels, particularly in the political and economic domains benefiting form the historical and geographical denominators binding the two countries. They also called for enhancing coordination and consultation between Syria and Albania in issues of mutual concern.
President al-Assad reviewed Syria’s stances towards different regional issues, particularly the stalled peace process due to the Israeli hostile policies.
For his part, Meta expressed his country’s desire to establish the best relations with Syria for its key role in achieving security and stability in the Middle East. The meeting was attended by Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem.R.
NOTE: Yeah, regional stability thanks to the Syrians.

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