A gaggle of bin-liner bag wearers

Dawkins is right of course, the anti-male/female bin-liner is a disgusting piece of clothing, and those who support it are idiots. The Tundra Tabloids is slowly warming to the idea supported by Vlad Tepes, that the decision of banning it should be left up to the private sector, as well as restrictions of it in public buildings and in banking institutions etc..
In VT’s opinion, if existing laws are applied, and private businesses supported, the bin-liner bag would be seen less and less in the open. As for those who would then worry about bin-liner bag women being kept at home, then the husbands of the chattle bin-liner bag wearers should be prosecuted for a type of slavery and/or spouse abuse. KGS
Daily Mail: The outspoken atheist Professor Richard Dawkins has re-ignited the furore over the burka, describing it as a ‘full bin-liner thing’.
The 69-year-old author and scientist told of his ‘visceral revulsion’ when he sees women wearing the controversial Islamic clothing.
But he stopped short of calling for the UK to follow the French in banning them, insisting such legislation would not be in Britain’s liberal tradition.

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