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Not these hypocritical dufus
Norwegians again

Coming across this video of a whale being hunted and shot by a Norwegian state approved whaling vessel, a thought occured about Norway’s ban on Jewish ritual slaughtering of animals, called “shechita“, as is proscribed in Deuteronomy 12:21. One can’t but notice the hypocrisy in the ban for ritual slaughter, which by the way, preceeded the Nazis, but is now allowed by the Germans.

The Tundra Tabloids takes the position of whole heartedly approving Kosher ritual slaughter of animals, while deeming the Muslim Halal butchering of animals to be for the most part, inhumane. Truth be told, they’re (Muslims) completely sloppy about their procedures and could care less if the animals suffer needlessly. Another negative strike against it, Jewish Kosher products, as well as Jewish religious requirements and law, are never forced upon the non-Jewish population, Halal meat and sharia are.
That said, take a look at how the Norwegian elite who hold, with ease mind you, two competing thoughts and believe them both to be true. Dr.Manfred Gerstenfeld captured the situation rather well -and was far too kind with his words- in his book “Behind the Humanitarian Mask” in describing the hypocrisy:

“When discussing the more general convergence of these two tendencies during the preparation of this volume, one example seemed to impress my conversation partners in particular. In Norway, Jewish ritual slaughter has been forbidden since well before World War II, under Nazi influence. On the other hand, except for Norway, Japan, and Iceland no countries allow whaling. The Norwegian quota for the 2008 season is the highest, with over one thousand whales to be killed.1 These mammals are harpooned and die in an exceptionally cruel way.”

For the Norwegian elite, a whale steak is a whale steak no matter how it’s killed.

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