CAPTION READS: Ilta-Sanomat: Vladimir Ladyzhenski (left) and Timo Kaukonen were in the sauna over six minutes. Just minutes before all was well.
The Tundra Tabloids met the Finnish world champion of sauna endurance back in 2000-2001, while I can’t remember his name (Found it: Leo Pusa) , the tool bit salesman told the TT back then that it’s all about a good breathing technique. He must have known his business because he was at the time, champion twice over. But lets be serious here, this has nothing to do with traditional sauna going, and everything to do with endurance which makes it really, non-sauna related though it takes place in one. KGS
YLE: The “World Sauna Championships” in the Finnish city of Heinola came to a tragic end on Saturday evening when one of the finalists, a Russian man, died in the end stages of the competition. He was competing against a Finnish man who was hospitalised.
The participants were competing over who could endure in the heat of the sauna the longest.
The tragic events of Saturday evening began to unfold when the final in the competition had been going on for six minutes, at which point both finalists went unconscious.
The Russian finalist died. The Finn was taken to hospital in Helsinki.
In the final, the contestants sat in a sauna that was heated to 110 degrees Celsius. Participants in the competition were required to submit to a medical examination, and during the competition they were asked at regular intervals if they were all right.
“Precautions Were Followed”
Organisers insist that safety precautions were followed. The competition was stopped as soon as it was noticed that something was wrong. Police are investigating the events.
Before the final, the Finnish finalist described the conditions as extremely hot.
“These have been damn hot saunas, and now the hottest is coming. After being in the sauna twice, my eyelids are red and my fingers have blisters. But I’m going in there again, gritting my teeth,” said finalist Timo Kaukonen.

NOTE: This is more like it.

UPDATE: Newsy.com sends the Tundra Tabloids the following video of theirs:

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