The problem the Tundra Tabloids has with the responses from these enraged parents, is that they focus on the way the animal is killed, (which by the way is far less exact than the way Jews slaughter their own animals according to kosher laws).
No, the argumentation is off target which means that the anti-Islamization movement has to get its message -that sharia law is a cruel system that effects the non-Muslim and should be opposed at all times, as well as the mass immigration of Muslims that bring that system with them- more into the mainstream dialogue.
The issue is not how animals are killed, but the system that demands that they be killed in that way and then force it upon the majority population which isn’t even Muslim. That is sharia, and if they don’t even oppose this, they’ll only be setting themselves up for even more demands from the Islamic community. KGS

H/T: Gaia

Daily Mail: A council has triggered a backlash among parents and animal welfare groups after introducing halal-only menus at state schools.
Only meat from animals killed in line with Islamic teaching will be offered at 52 primary schools in Harrow, following a switch by ten secondaries to halal menus.
But parents have voiced concern over the methods used to slaughter animals in this way and say they haven’t been properly consulted over the changes.
NOTE: The Brits wil have to ask themselves why this has never been a problem in the past. Jews and other religious minorities have never demanded from or imposed themselves upon the host population in such a way.

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