Over at the Gates of Vienna, the Baron publishes a piece written by Nicolai Sennels concerning the recent charges of racism against the Danish Free Press Society’s chairman, Lars Hedegaard, concerning his statements that rape is common in the Muslim families.
The turth of course is as Hedegaard states, and the more the Left and their PC enablers try to squash those who speak the truth, the more the truth is spread to an ever growing wider audience. Nicolai Sennels tells us why Hedegaards statements were factual. KGS

NOTE: Thanks to GOV for publishing this and to Sennels for his expert analysis.

Forced marriages: family rape and rape by proxy
by Nicolai Sennels

The fight for and against free speech has entered another round in the Danish courts now that the historian and author Lars Hedegaard is facing a charge of “racism” for his claim that rapes are common in Muslim families.
The fact is that forced marriages are widespread in the Muslim world and marriages are often between cousins. In a forced marriage, the girl is coerced into an involuntary and often lifelong sexual relationship. Therefore, every single act of intercourse in that “marriage” actually constitutes rape.
The families — with fathers and uncles as their powerful leaders — have arranged the marriage and are therefore accomplices in the sexual abuse. Fathers and uncles are thus committing rape “by proxy” — not for the sake of their own sexual satisfaction, but in order to increase the number of family members and thereby enhance their status and economic security, and also to keep alive ancient cultural and religious traditions.
Which is worse: the cousin who rapes his cousin or the parents who force their daughter to marry?
Just as “family execution” is a better term than “honor killing”, “family rape” is a more fitting phrase than “forced marriage”.
Nicolai Sennels is a psychologist and the author of “Among Criminal Muslims: A Psychologist’s experiences with the Copenhagen Municipality”.

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