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Solution to the world wide burka debate (Vlad Tepes)

Well, its debated at least in the parts of the world where debate is allowed. Of course, in much of the Islamic world, there is no debate on it. Women must wear it and the degree of severity is increasing, not decreasing.
I have taken the position that making some kind of garment illegal is a bad idea, contrary to purpose, and sets a dangerous precedent. Instead, governments should do, what they should do in general far more often, which is let the private sector determine what is in it’s own interest.

Why Jews vote predominantly for Democrats (TINSC)

A lot of people wonder why American Jews vote predominantly for Democrats particularly in Presidential elections. For example, Barack O’Bama recorded 77% of the Jewish vote in 2008 in spite of considerable concern regarding his pastor, Jeremiah Wright and his association with other people known for their hostility toward Jews. Even now, with President O’Bama’s popularity dropping, 47% of Jewish Americans recently polled said they would vote to re-elect him if a Presidential election was held today.
Some people shake their head in amazement. They wonder how this can be given some of the foreign relations problems, particularly with regard to U.S.-Israel relations, that have occurred during President O’Bama’s first 18 months in office. I won’t list those problems here, but I think most of my readers are familiar with at least a few of those issues.

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