The man is an idiot. Symbolism is everything, regardless of how this moron wants to spin history on its ear, the Japanese and the rest of the world will take the US’s involvement in the Hiroshima bombings as step towards apologizing for something the US should never apologize for. Defending its own troops and ending the war early.
Obama’s move in sending the US ambassador to the ceremony is the height of stupidity, gross fecklessness, and way beyond the pale. The US SAVED hundreds of thousands if not millions of lives by dropping those two bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the Tundra Tabloids is glad that the US did.
Those who point to the two bombings as case of “war crimes” fail to realize that the US, which was in a knock down drawn out conflict with the Japenese which refused to unconditionally surrender to US forces, had no other alternative other than to continue fire bombing Japenese cities -which would have been even more costly in human lives than were lost in Hiroshima and Nagasaki- or drop the bombs.
People who rail against the US now, never factor that part into their thinking, for being in opposition to the bombing of the two cities, what they are in essense saying is, fire bombing the Japenese would have been the more preferrable of the two option, as well as the mass number of civilians and US soldiers killed when the US would be eventually forced land on the Japanese mainland.
Again, Obama is setting the US for an open apology for something that wasas  necessary as well as it was unfortunate. KGS

Breitbart: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Thursday that US President Barack Obama “thought it appropriate” to recognize Japan’s atomic bomb anniversary as he wants to rid the world of nuclear arms.
The United States, 65 years after a mushroom cloud rose over Hiroshima, will for the first time send an envoy this Friday to commemorate the bombing that rang in the nuclear age.
“President Obama is very committed to working toward a world without nuclear weapons,” even if he sees it as a “long-term goal,” Clinton told reporters when asked for comment on the anniversary.
“I think that the Obama administration and President Obama himself believe that it would be appropriate for us to recognize this anniversary and has proceeded to do so,” she said.

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