Grouper Mohamed Prophet of the Sea:
We’ll try once more to get our out-of-date supplies and other junk
around the legal Israeli weapons blockade of Hamastan

The anti-human rights/anti-Semite Swedes haven’t given up trying to get the weapons blockade of Gaza lifted so that the Hamas and other jihadis can arm up with all kinds of goodies in order to kill more Jews. Seeing tha tthe media played along with the Arabs’ propaganda, as expected they would, the radicals are at it again. KGS
The Local: The organisers of an aid flottilla to Gaza said in Stockholm on Wednesday they would make a new attempt to reach the Palestinian territory before the end of 2010.
“We are going to send a flotilla if the siege is not lifted,” Ship to Gaza Sweden spokesman Dror Feiler told AFP after the group’s meeting in Stockholm.
A six-ship fleet first attempted to reach the Palestinian territory on May 31 but it was halted by an Israeli raid that left nine Turkish activists dead.
“We will go (again) before the end of this year and we are quite sure that this flotilla will be more boats, bigger boats, it will be several passenger boats,” said Feiler, who took part in the flotilla’s first trip.
“And as determined before, we will not accept Israeli control, we will not accept Israeli inspections and we will go to Gaza,” the Israeli-born Swedish artist and longtime activist said.
“We hope that Israel and the international community will realise it is not possible to stop this and that it is not acceptable to continue with the siege,” he added.
The Freedom Flotilla Coalition said in a statement it planned to enlarge the coalition “to include the various groups around the world that want to join us, as well as intensify our efforts to mobilise a new flotilla.”
NOTE: Dror Feiler is an anti-Israel traitor who should be tried as one, and then dealt with accordingly. He’s the same shmuck who created the so called “work of art” that
had a Pali homicide-suicide bomber sailing on a bath of Jewish blood. Sick .

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