Nasrallah: Whenever I launch attacks on Israel, I
 depend on the media to pimp our propaganda

More on the clash. KGS

Vlad Tepes fisks an al-Reuters report:

ABC News: The Israeli military has confirmed one of its officers, a battalion commander with the rank of colonel, was killed in the incident. His family has been notified.
Lebanon says three of its soldiers and one journalist were killed. Lebanese army sources claim an Israeli engineering unit crossed the border into Lebanese territory to clear trees which were obscuring the Israelis’ view of a nearby Lebanese village.
Israel’s military told ABC News its forces were operating on the Israeli side of the border. The Israeli army released the following statement:
“The soldiers were on routine activity in Israeli territory, in an area that lies between the ‘Blue Line’ (the internationally recognized border between Israel and Lebanon) and the security fence, thus within Israeli territory.”

Barry Rubin has more on it:

H/T The Baron

Today’s Example of Ridiculous Media Bias Against Israel

Along Israel’s border with Lebanon, east of Metulla, some bushes were pushing in on the border fence. The fence is set in slightly from the border precisely so that Israeli soldiers can work on it. The IDF called UNIFIL and informed the UN that this work was going to be done today so that they could tell the Lebanese army that there was no aggression going on but just routine maintenance. Soldiers from UNIFIL came to observe and can be seen standing next to Israeli soldiers in the photos. Photographers were also standing by to film the operation.

But Lebanese soldiers opened fire on the Israelis who were working and in no way acting aggressively. The fact that journalists were standing next to the Lebanese soldiers shows that they knew Israel was going to do this maintenance and were observing. After the Israeli soldiers were ambushed, they returned fire. One Israeli officer was killed, another seriously wounded; three Lebanese soldiers, and a Lebanese (?) journalist were killed.

So how did Reuters and Yahoo report this? By saying that Israeli soldiers had crossed into Lebanon and been fired on, thus implying the Lebanese army was acting in self-defense! Other news agencies merely reported: Israel says the soldiers were inside Israel; Lebanon says they were on Lebanese territory.

Reuters: “An Israeli soldier is seen on a crane on the Lebanese side of the Lebanese-Israeli border near Adaisseh village, southern Lebanon August 3, 2010. Israeli artillery shelled the Lebanese village on Tuesday, wounding two people, after Lebanese Army troops fired warning shots at Israeli soldiers.”

Yahoo: “A Lebanese officer spoke on condition of anonymity under military guidelines, said the clash occurred as Israeli troops tried to remove a tree from the Lebanese side of the border.” No Israeli is quoted.

AP also missed explaining the story properly: “…


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