Gee, and it all takes place in supposedly moderate Muslim Malaysia. Maybe Barack Hussein Obama can intervene on behalf of the family seeing that he’s in the exact same situation, son of Muslim but later on (supposedly) raised as a Christian. The only difference in the details is that this is a woman and a Hindu.
No compulsion in religion my eye, come on Barry, help her out from the clutches of an ideology that says it’s a religion of peace and respective of other religions. Yeah….one hears crickets chirping.

HRP Malaysia: Rani born to a Muslim mother but since a sixteenth day old baby was adopted and brought up as a Hindu by a Hindu family. Rani practices Hinduism and wants to live and die as a Hindu . But the UMNO Jabatan Agama Islam stormed into her house and her husband Muniandy that very same night was forcibly circumcised. Muniandy was earlier threatened with a six year jail sentence if he did not convert to Islam. Now after thirty years later Rani’s daughter Vijiyaletchumi and Sasikala ( who is now 6 months pregnant ) are now suffering the very same predicament her mother Rani faced some thirty years ago because their identity cards carries a Muslim name although she practices Hinduism and has never practiced Islam.
Despite going up and down to the Islamic Religious Affairs Department on 30 occasions and over especially the last 18 years, the UMNO led racist and religious supremacist Malay-sian Government bullies, threatened and instills fear in them .
But the insult and stress is so severe on this family that Ganesan has even contemplated committing suicide.

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