The Tundra Tabloids took note yesterday of the laying off of police officers and firefighters in the city of East St.Louis, by the city’s Democrat mayor. Now it’s the city of Philadelphia laying off firefighters instead of looking deep into the ranks of its own bureaucracy to find and redundancy and useless positions. The TT received a comment from a retired Fire Captain who supported the TT’s point that the layoffs are nothing more than a city hall shakedown of the private sector.
“As a retired Fire Captain in a large Northeastern US city it was always the police and fire dept, that got laid off or were threatened to be laid off. To make matters worse the political class always found funds for the useless or ‘pork’ expenses all of the time.”

Exactly. KGS

Philly 57: The city has started temporarily closing fire stations in order to balance its budget. The rolling “brownouts” began with the closing of three fire companies as of 8:05 a.m. Monday.
Union members hosted a news conference as Engine 57 shut its doors for the day in West Philadelphia. Union officials said the closures are creating unsafe conditions in affected neighborhoods.
The city says these rotating brownouts will not have an impact on public safety and firefighters from those companies will be redeployed to other companies or will undergo training.
Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers said in the past, five companies a day were closed to training. But now only two companies per day will go to training.
“This is a game. This is moving pieces around in order to affect protection,” said Firefighters Union President Bill Gault. “Sooner or later its going to bite them in the butt.”
During an afternoon news conference, Mayor Nutter repeated his assertion that the plan does not compromise safety and said the union is simply fighting to retain overtime for its members.
Nutter insists that the use of rolling closures at fire stations to cut costs is an accepted practice throughout the country that will not impact the safety of residents. He it was “an insult” to firefighters for the union to suggest otherwise.

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