The initial reports coming start off with the Lebanese version of the story, since we all know that the truth isn’t held in high regard in the Muslim world, the Tundra Tabloids digs down into the midst of a JPost article for the Israeli version first. KGS

J’lemPost: “Exchange of fire between IDF and Lebanese troops prompts both Israel and Lebanon to cite violations of UN resolution 1701; FM submits complaint to UN; says Lebanese gov’t is responsible.
[…]….initial Israeli reports had said the soldiers were on a routine patrol, operating past the border fence, but within Israeli territory, since the fence does not always exactly parallel the border. Other reports said the Israeli soldiers were attempting to plant cameras.” 
Video thanks to Vlad.

UPDATE on the article, “IDF says it gave UNIFIL notice of plans to cross fence for maintenance work. “The IDF stressed that it had coordinated its crossing of the fence with UNIFIL, informing them of a need to carry out maintenance work across the fence but still within Israeli territory.”

UPDATE: YNET is calling it a massive skirmish: “Fire in the north: A day after rockets were fired at Eilat, loud explosions were reported on the northern border as Israeli and Lebanese forces engaged in massive exchanges of fire. Security sources and witnesses in Lebanon said three Lebanese soldiers and a local journalist were killed in the clash.

The fire erupted after IDF soldiers performing routine operations in a border-area enclave within Israeli territory came under fire. Some frightened northern residents rushed for cover in secured rooms and bomb shelters. Many locals informed Ynet of loud explosions heard in the region.

Kiryat Shmona resident Ofir Shukrun told Ynet: “I heard loud explosions. We saw a cloud of smoke …now there are planes flying above us toward Lebanon.” Another northern resident said he heard at least 15 explosions. “Some sounded very close. I see smoke in Lebanese territory,” he said.

Metula resident Gad Erez said: “I heard massive shooting starting at 12.25 pm – some 10 explosions along with automatic fire – until about 1 pm. I can see a mushroom of smoke on the northern border from Kfar Giladi to Misgav Am. “There was no siren and we weren’t prepared for this,” he said.”

More here.

H/T Vlad:
NOTE: The TT’s Beirut source The Patron of Beirut warned about this earlier this spring.
NOTE: Vlad states that Egypt is siding with Lebanon.

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