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Anti-Semite Thomas:
I’m as punched as pleased

This is one of the more ugly of journalists, inside and out, that captures the mindset of the main stream media. For years her colleagues in the press corps did nothing about her anti-Semitism, and now, since her disgraceful departure from the journo profession, she is the toast of the Arab community, or at least by the morons that run the Arab American National Museum in Michigan. Shameful. KGS

Helen Thomas may get statue in museum

Arab American National Museum in Michigan launches campaign to raise money for statue of veteran White House correspondent who ended career by saying Jews should ‘get the hell out of Palestine’.
WASHINGTON – Ahead of her 90th birthday, veteran White House correspondent Helen Thomas, who resigned following her offensive remarks against Israel, may be getting a statue in her honor at the Arab American National Museum in Michigan.
Supporters of the initiative in Dearborn, a suburb of Detroit and the town with the second largest Arab community in the United States, are trying to raise money to have the copper statue constructed and put in the local museum.

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2 Responses

  1. With some people, the older they get, the sillier they get.

    As for physical appearance – this "handsome" woman does not need the lipstick.

  2. A group of people can be defined by who they see as heroic, honorable, and praiseworthy…
    The Islamic community must be congratulated for their honesty – they don't even PRETEND to want to improve their image as real Americans.
    BTW – the dispicable Miss Helen could never have attained her lofty position had she lived in a Muslim country where she would have been forced to cover her face and keep her mouth shut.

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