Front Page Mag has an excellent article that centers on the farce called “the open air prison of the deprived people of Gaza”. It’s amazing what the main stream media passes by. Yes, it’s expected but still nonetheless staggering in what they close their eyes to.
The Tundra Tabloids has stated repeatedly over the years that these Islamo-nazi  groups like the Hezbollah and Hamas, should be viewed under the rubric of a ruling mafiosi, like the high priced gang of al-Capone’s during the roaring twenties that once ruled Chicago. Big Al’s gang doled out largesse, gave the nod who could run a store on any given street, who could work where, had a social welfare network and had the police and politics of the city under their grip.
No one in the West, in their right mind, would openly advocate for a return of such corruption but when it’s the Muslim Middle East in question, well then such  a corrupt system is lauded as being “far ahead of its time”, with the thug leaders being hailed as a “real bunch of do gooders”. Well they’re not a bunch of do gooders, they’re thugs, who would be tossed in the clink if they tried such a thing in the West, unless they’re socialists of course. KGS

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