Personally, we like Obama’s new rules of engagement,
the more they are used, the more their soldiers die
Perhaps they’ll be needed there at home when the jihad reaches the same level of violence as in Afghanistan, defending one’s own home brings a heightened sense of purpose and a “back against the wall” mentality.

NOTE: The Baron has up the full transcription of the John Bernard interview Vlad Tepes did a week or so ago, and from what Bernard states, one can conclude that the disasterous rules of engagement that the Obama administration have layed down for US led NATO forces to employ in Afghanistan, are a part of the reason why the Dutch are pulling out. An excerpt:
 “So, to give you an idea: when they were first released last year — released publicly, sometime around June of last year — one of the more egregious ones was that there weren’t going to be any more surprise night searches of civilian compounds within Afghanistan. I mean, that’s basically that you have to tell everybody in advance that you’re coming in to search their house, search a specific house, that you suspected of carrying weapons or materials that might be used by the Taliban.
Again: this is a war zone. This isn’t downtown Los Angeles. And even if it was, this particular Los Angeles does not reside within the borders of the United States. So it shouldn’t be governed by the Constitution; it should be governed by the rules of war.”
KABUL, Afghanistan (al-AP) – The Netherlands became the first NATO country to end its combat mission in Afghanistan, drawing the curtain Sunday on a four-year operation that was deeply unpopular at home and even brought down a Dutch government.
The departure of the small force of nearly 1,900 Dutch troops is not expected to affect conditions on the ground. But it is politically significant because it comes at a time of rising casualties and growing doubts about the war in NATO capitals, even as allied troops are beginning what could be the decisive campaign of the war.

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