Need a fatwa during ramadan? The Mussulmen can’t bring themselves to condemn slavery, wife beating, stoning and just about every other devient behavíor inspired by the 7th century madman, but they DO find time to invent a modern system to dispence fatwas. KGS

H/T: The Baron

Al-Arabiya: The Islamic satellite channel al-Daleel announced the groundbreaking launch of a new express service that delivers fatwas round the clock to Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan.
Al-Daleel TV, supervised by prominent Saudi cleric Sheikh Salman al-Oouda, issued a statement declaring that the final touches of its new show Fatwa of the Hour are in place and that it is ready to launch on the first day of Ramadan, which falls on August 11 this year.
The new show is 10 minutes long and will be aired every hour. Each episode, which will be aired live, will feature inquiries via mobile text messages and phone calls and a guest who will answer them on the spot.
The new fatwa express show, the statement added, aims at offering a fast service for Muslims whose request for religious edicts generally increases in the holy month.

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