The only reason there’s continuing racial tension in the US, is due to this president and the Democrats stoking its flames, there wouldn’t be any talk of it if not for their need to exploit something that is simply not there. In fact, they (the Obamacrats) hope for racial tension, it’s the means by which they can balkanize and exploit the American people, pitting one side, or multiple sides against the other. The man is as Mark Levin states, “a human wrecking ball”.
The facts surrounding the Shirely Sherrod case is as follows, someone forwarded a portion of a video in which Sherrod was speaking about her racist behavior towards a white farmer, the second portion, which was not in his hands, but which the NAACP had the full speech in its possession (yet voiced its opinion to oust her) showed her distancing herself from “those racist remarks” in question, but she was seen as race baiting through the entire second half, and now her husband has been shown in a video calling for African Americans to “vote black” and issuing warnings to “uncle Toms”. 
This is nothing but race baiting, and something that the main stream media AND Obama have chosen to ignore, because they have an issue to exploit….the mythical “waycist” Tea Party movement. Andrew Breitbart is a solid American and no bigot, it’s the Obamocrats that are stoking the coals for political purposes. KGS

Obamination: I’ll get the Blacks fighting the Whites and
pin it on the Conservatives if it takes my whole presidency

al-AP: NEW YORK – President Barack Obama blames the media for creating a “phony controversy” over racial remarks by a black Agriculture Department official that were posted on the Internet. His administration ousted the employee, but then apologized and offered to rehire her.
In an interview on ABC’s daytime talk show “The View,” Obama says the media often seek controversy, not the facts. But he acknowledged that the forced resignation of Shirley Sherrod could also be blamed on those in his administration who overreacted.
Obama said the incident shows that while progress has been made, racial tensions still exist in the U.S.

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