Thanks to the BNNB for the following news, it’s sad, but it’s necessary to know about this because the predicament  of Jews in Europe and elsewhere for that matter, is in dire shape, and shows the societal health of any nation where they call home. It’s not that Jews themselves have made this the method for gauging any given society, it’s the anti-Semitism of the nations themselves -that have traditionally used Jews as the handy scapegoat- that’s invented it.
When any given society turns against the “easy pickings” minority of the Jews, it indicates that that society is in a downward spiral into a tyranny, that’s the hard cold facts to the issue, and the Netherlands, due to its focus on appeasing an ever increasing Muslim majority, many of whom hold age old Islamic anti-Semitic views of the Jews, is headed into a balkanized tyrannical state, with the Jews feeling the pinch.
That’s the facts people, the Tundra Tabloids didn’t make this up, it’s the historical record that keeps repeating itself every time the anti-Semites spot an opportunity to arm twist the Jews. The slow but sure Islamization of Europe has just increased the possibility of the European continent being finally emptied of its Jews. Adolf Hitler would be pleased at the irony, of having been defeated by those who would eventually implement his main agenda. KGS

From the Bad News from the Netherlands blog:
In an op-ed Chairman of the Liberal Jewish Community, Ron van der Wieken and his wife Rosa, a former member of the Amsterdam municipal council, state that the feeling of insecurity and approaching disaster is increasing among Jews in the Netherlands as well as other European countries. Jews experience deep hate anonymously via the internet from, for instance, Moroccan websites in the Netherlands. It also appears in the Dutch press. The anti-Jewish atmosphere that has been created could have unexpected results.

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