This is good news, it shows that our language is making its way into the mainstream discourse as serious heavyweights begin the heavy lifting many of us have been doing for some time now. The trail has been blazed, the course set, and path well trodden, all the politicians have to do is to read up and take effective measures against the deadly ideology of Islamic law.
Thanks to Frank Gaffney who’s writing over at Breitbart’s Big Peace for bringing this piece of very good news to the forefront, it’s well over due, and he, as well as many others writing on a daily basis deserve a lot of credit for getting such a public figure to dare to speak openly about Islamic law, sharia, and the dangers it poses. It means we have a lot of solid facts laid down for such people to draw from, that they have every reason to believe that what’s been said and written by the Counterjihad is factually sound, air tight, with no wiggle room for the sharia supporters to maneuver out from.
A lot has transpired over the years since that first meeting in Brussels, where the Tundra Tabloids, Gates of Vienna, Atlas Shrugs, Andrew Bostom and the rest met to see what they could do globally in countering the Islamic jihad and its sharia. The TT was just one of the many voices, with many of the just mentioned doing the heavy lifting. Without all of them, none of this would be possible. Thanks to Vlaams Belang for offering the Counterjihad movement the venue and the inspiration to forge ahead though being vilified for being “waycists”.
After looking back, the fears of being called “bigots” and “waycists” and yes….”Islamophobes” by the opposition wherever it came from, whether it be from Leftists or sharia lovers, habitual smear bloggers like Charles Johnson etc., were real, but over stated. When push comes to shove, the people look for truth and the character of the person behind the truth, and with that in mind, our Counterjihad movement plows on ahead with every confidence, the sharia lovers and their stooge dhimmis haven’t a chance. KGS

Newt Gingrich: Thanks to the Counterjihad,
I have seen the light, no to sharia law!
Frank Gaffney: Three cheers for Newt Gingrich!  For the first time, a major national American political figure has directly and accurately taken on the wellspring of the single most dangerous threat we confront today: the comprehensive, totalitarian and barbaric program the authorities and traditions of Islam call “Shariah.”
In an op-ed published by Mr. Gingrich in Human Events today, the former Speaker of the House of Representatives serves notice that the United States is under assault by not only those who use violence in their jihad aimed at imposing Shariah on the United States and the rest of the world.  We must contend as well with those who seek to achieve this same goal through non-violent means.
Among the latter means is the use of mosques as symbols to demonstrate the jihadists’ triumph over the rest of us.  In that connection, Mr. Gingrich warned last week against the construction of a 13-story megamosque at a site adjacent to and overlooking Ground Zero in Manhattan.  As noted here, this initiative is a calculated attempt to create a permanent proof of our submission to Shariah and to advance its insinuation inside the United States.
The Human Events op-ed sounds themes the former Speaker and expected 2012 Republican presidential candidate will address at greater length tomorrow in a major national security address at the American Enterprise Institute.  Big Peace will be covering his remarks and analyzing the implications – strategic, political and constitutional – of this salutary framing of the existential challenge of our time.

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